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Hello Uno san,


Here are photos of the tube frame car from 1989 to 2004, when I last drove it in SCCA races.


No big changes in the engine, just improved camshaft design and cylinder heads from Richard Longman in England. I was still very busy racing in IMSA so had no involvement other than chassis setup.


We won every race we entered in 1989 qualifying for the runoffs at Road Atlanta.


I qualified fastest more than 3 seconds faster than the second place car and easily won the race.

Because of my increasing involvement with Honda and Acura race programs, I would not drive the car again for 10 years.




 エンジンに大きな変更はなく、カム形状を改良したのと、英国リチャードロングマン製のヘッドを組込んだだけさ。 1989年は、出走したすべての地区レースに優勝して、アトランタ行きの切符を手に入れ、予選は2番手に3秒の差をつけてポールをとり、決勝でも楽勝したんだ♪






Image 1:

The Mini leading into turn 1 at the start of the Atlanta race.







Image 2 and 3:

Victory stand at Atlanta. Happy people!


 Picture 016.jpg








Image 4 and 5:

In the summer of 1992, Mike took the car to Japan for two races one at Fuji and one at Scuba(?) and a big car show. It was sponsored by a Japanese businessman based in San Francisco and a company in Japan. Mike drove the car himself. A Japanese car magazine also wrote an article on the car. It was very popular.













Image 6:

In 1999 Mike again convinced me to drive the Mini again. The SCCA runoffs had moved from Road Atlanta to Mid Ohio.



その時代、ランオフの開催地は アトランタからミッドオハイオに移っていた。



The car was the same except for a nice new yellow paint job with a purple roof and bright orange borders on the graphics. It looked really good!





It was still fast but in 1996 the SCCA allowed front wheel drive tube frame cars to be built with rear wheel drive. A rear drive car will be better balanced and have much better tire wear over the distance of a race.





A competitor in California, Joe Huffaker, built a beautiful rear drive Mini that was very fast. We raced against each other every year from 1999 to 2004 during the season and at the runoffs.


カリフォルニアのライバル Joe Huffaker が見事なリヤドライブミニを製作し、それがとっても速かったんだ。




We both did not finish in 1999 and I finished second to him in 2000, 2001 and 2002.


 Picture 001.jpg




Image 7:

On track at Mid Ohio. Good looking car!! (I think).

ミッドオハイオの写真さ。 良いだろ~♪




Image 8:

We stripped the car to a bare chassis in 2002 to inspect and do a complete overhaul. Changed the chassis color from red to light gray.




 Picture 014.jpg





Image 9 and 10:

The big change was moving the front coil over dampers to a horizontal position. This made ride height and damper adjustment much easier.

I fabricated new upper suspension arms and added mounting plates to the chassis.







 Picture 015.jpg







Image 11:

We also fabricated stronger rear trailing arms.







Image 12:

This view of the engine shows the longer, straight intake manifolds we fabricated back in 1984 when SCCA allowed us to modify the old yellow cars firewall.








Image 13:

Engine installed in updated chassis. Dampers and springs are under the carburetors.










Image 14:


In 2003 and 2004 we again won the SCCA runoffs, 18 years after the car had won its first Runoffs in 1986!









One funny datail!....the carbone fiber ducts on the spoiler of the yellow Mini are IRL intake manifold trumpets!










In 2015 Mike sold the car to Mini enthusiasts Andy and Rachel Nelson in Toronto Canada. They have restored beautiful vintage racing Minis and have done a very impressive rebuild on it. The car is in good hands.  Andy let me drive it at a vintage event at Watkins Glen New York in September 2018.


So I was able to drive it again 14 years after I last drove it!



Doug P #2.png


Doup P 66 #1.png




Andy and Rachel Nelson さんのサイトはこちらです。





 2015年にMikeはこの車をカナダ・トロントに住むMINIエンズージアストであるAndy&Rachel Nelsonに売却したんだ。 彼らはそれまでに多くのビンテージ・ミニレースカーをレストアしてきた人たちで、綺麗にレストアしてくれた。良いオーナーにもらわれたわけだね♪


 2018年9月ワトキンスグレンで開催されたMINIのビンテージイベントでは、Andy が自分に運転させてくれたんだよ♪






Doug Peterson からの写真 #11  IRL


Doug Petersonからの写真 10 MINI ENGINE



Doug Petersonからの写真 09


Doug Petersonからの写真 08



Doug Petersonからの写真 07 



Doug Petersonからの写真 06



Doug Petersonからの写真 05



Doug Petersonからの写真 04



Doug Petersonからの写真 03



Doug Petersonからの写真 02



Doug Petersonからの写真 01




 For Old Boys CAN-AM 01 











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